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Kurungal Inc is an organisation situated around a group of communities, which are located about 120km to the southeast of Fitzroy Crossing in the central west Kimberley, northwest Western Australia (WA). The organisation is based in a reasonably remote part of Australia and provides specific government funded services to surrounding Indigenous communities. These incorporate the communities of Wangkatjungka, Kupartiya, Ngumpan, Gilly Sharpe, and a seasonally inhabited outstation, Ngarantjadu.

Kurungal Inc is an umbrella organisation, that is, it has five subsidiary organisations associated with each of these five communities as its members. The term ‘kurungal’ itself refers to the country adjacent to Christmas Creek, and incorporates Christmas Creek Station. It was also how the group of people who lived and worked on Christmas Creek Station, prior to the Pastoral Award decision of 1968, became known—the ‘kurungal mob’.

Kurungal Inc was established in 2001 under the Associations Incorporation Act 1987 (WA), Prior to the creation of Kurungal Inc, the communities of Kupartiya on Bohemia Downs Station and Wangkatjungka had no administrative connection, although they did have strong cultural and historic ties. Prior to 2001, Wangkatjungka Inc had itself been an umbrella, managing the Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP) of Ngumpan and Ngarantjadu, as well as the larger Wangkatjungka community.

Kurungal Council Inc. members

  • Mr. Nelson Bieundurry-Chairperson-Wangkatjungka Community
  • Mr. Greg Peterson-Vice Chair-Wangkatjungka Community
  • Ms. Levinia Rogers-Wangkatjungka Community representative
  • Mr. Douglas Hobbs-Wangkatjungka Community representative
  • Mr. Mckenzie Lawford-Kupartiya Community representative
  • Ms. Lilly Spinks-Ngumpan Community representative
  • Mr. Darren Hobbs-Ngumpan Community representative

Ngumpan Community Committee members

  • Ms. Lilly Spinks-Chairperson
  • Mr. Darren Hobbs-Vice Chair
  • Mr. Allister Hobbs
  • Mr. Hector Hobbs
  • Ms. Francine Steel
  • Mr. Butcher Wise

Kupartiya Community Committee members

  • Mr. Mckenzie Lawford-Vice Chair
  • Ms. Tamara Lawford
  • Ms. Erica Lawford
  • Ms. Michaela Lawford



Kurungal Council Inc​
T: +61 8 9191 4627
F: +61 8 9191 7722


On behalf of Wangkatjungka, Ngumpan and Kupartiya communities, Kurungal Council wishes to thank the sponsors and everyone for their help and support provided at this year's sports carnival.

The sports carnival was well attended with numbers exceeding last year's event and the planned games and competitions provided great entertainment for everyone involved.

Your sponsorship and support contributed to the event's success and we hope to work with you again in the future.


Viane Watson. CEO

Japanese Trucks Australia, Broome Toyota, Police - Fitzroy Crossing, Kimberley Regional Service Provider, Crossing Automotive, Mac's Mechanical, Wangki Radio - Fitzroy Crossing, Alliance Business Specialist, Fitzroy Hardware, GJ Johnson & CO Electrical, Tradelink - Broome, Total Workwear - Broome, Wangkatjungka Store, Tarunda IGA - Fitzroy Crossing, FX Comms & AV - Fitzroy Crossing, Local Drug Action Group, Nindlingarri Cultural Health Services, Mara Worra Worra, Men's Health/Population Health

Community Events

October upcoming events

01-05            Kurungal Music and Sports Carnival, Wangkatjungka Community

13-               Health Wellbeing & Family Safety workshop, Wangkatjungka training centre

13-14           Centrelink visiting Wangkatjungka, KCI office

21-              WDLAC meeting, Wangkatjungka hall. 10:00am

21-              Dept. of Child Protection & Family Support, Parent workshop, Training Centre. 10:00am

21-              Movie nite "That Sugar Film", Wangkatjungka hall. 6:00pm - 7:30pm

22 & 23       Central Desert AGM, Wangkatjungka hall. 9:00am - 3:00pm

23, 24 & 25 Family Group Camp, St George Rangers

26-             Family Group Leaders meeting. WKJ training centre. 9:00am

29-             Remote Licencing visit, Wangkatjungka training centre

30, 31 & 1   Family Group Camp, St George Rangers

 November upcoming events

25-             Kurungal Council Inc. AGM, WKJ hall. 9:30am sharp.